• NameYaya

Yaya grows up in Torino, in the resonant Babylon of his home, where the rhythms of his father’s, singer and leading voice of the ensemble M’bamina, drums prophesied a multi-ethnic Italy.

Since his teen age, approaches with the rhythm performing as a drummer around the city. It is when at the age of 17 he purchases a pair of decks, that his blood’s rhythm takes an electronic turmoil driving him to house music: Yaya begins then playing at clubs and parties of the flourished techno-house scene of Turin.

At 18, he lands for the first time in the island of music hedonism, Ibiza; his vivacity lead him to play at several afterhours and his musical assertiveness allowed him to be noticed by the entrepreneurs of the white island’s big electronic circus. In the afternoons, Yaya spent hours mixing synths of his hybrid sound, storing up a vast library of tracks.

In the 2013 summer season in Ibiza, Yaya performs at opening and closing of Space as during the We Love’s with Savana Potente dates in August, furthermore at the daily Loco Dice’s Used & Abused at Ushuaia, at the Tini & the Gang party at Sirocco beach and at Zoo Project.

Is a very prolific producer and in these years, his tracks has been released in vinyl and digital labels like Desolat, Cadenza, Kina Music or Oblack Label among others.  In 2016 he foun a new series of unusual and curious tunes, born in Berlin which aim to spread his rainbow vibes from the soul, between releases and parties adventures called Tamango Records.

FOUN x Yaya