• NameMarcos Baiano

From Salvador do Bahia, Marcos is well known for his latino roots and unique grooves totally based on blues, latin-soul, and funk.

New experiences and environments lead Marcos to define his style, including emotional pads, deep and electro sounds, tech-beats, break-beats and also dark vocals deeply emphasizing with his "black soul” and taking him to play in many clubs around Berlin, London, and Ibiza.

Marcos Baiano is the owner of B.SOUL Limited label and is also running his own night called Sailorgroove at Hoppetosse and Club der Visionaere "official", in Berlin, involving Yakine, Ivan Iacobucci, Hanfry Martinez and Terence Terry, owner of La Vie En Rose Records, label in which he has also released.

FOUN x Marcos Baiano