• NameJerome C

Jerome is a really good Belgian producer, a humble artist who started in the scene in back in 2012 creating under an unlimited workflow leading him to release records from the underground sounds with a particular spiritual touch that we can rapidly appreciate on his music. He is able to share a unique vibration through his sound.

Jerome’s two sided album “Friendship Connection”, released on Sleepless Musik in collaboration with duo Dubfluss, co-owners of HUND Records, is his most outstanding work to the date.

The album includes remixes by Janeret from yoyaku, Ana Poiesis aka Malin Génie from Mandar, Tommy Vicari Jnr, Alexandar Kyosev, Julian Alexander, owner of SlapFunk Records, and to wrap it up a remix by Guy From Downstairs, a regular artist in Vatos Locos.

FOUN x Jerome C