• NameJavier Carballo

What makes an artist to succeed is still a secret for most of all. What it is sure, is that the journey is long and hard, more even coming from an island; a beautiful place in the world, but far away from the big cities and the big opportunities.

This is what makes Javier Carballo still more respectable. He has been the reference for the best underground electronic music, back at the Canary Islands and Spain, but now he is becoming well known far away from his country too.

From the warm sounds of inspiration of the vibrant wellspring of life surrounding him, music became a way of life to transmit emotions and communion through sound. Thoroughly dedicated to this calling, Javier’s passion drains over everything he does, channeling his creative efforts to produce deeply emotional, strikingly state-of-the-art underground deep house and techno.


In 2010, Carballo launched his own label, Overall Music with close mate Hanfry Martínez.

In 2014 they decided to make it a vinyl only imprint for DJs, collectors and electronic music connoisseurs. Using Overall Music as the catalyst to share with the world their vision of the best modern house and techno.

An artist that exemplifies strong definitions of personal style, recognition that Javier Carballo continues to ascend, ensuring that admission on a worldwide level.

FOUN x Javier Carballo