• NameHalley

Freshness, energy and detail define Halley’s work and personality, both in the studio as in the club, seamlessly moving between house elegant grooves, deep evolving atmospheres and hypnotic touches of tech, with vocal and melodic sparks from his funky roots.

Throughout his career as a DJ and Producer he explored and dived into different styles of electronic music, gaining experience in the industry, releasing for renowned labels and even starting his own imprint. Most of these experiences were forged during his stays and tours in India in the latest years, where he played at some of the biggest party spots such as Mumbai, Hyderabad and Goa.

This mixture of cultural backgrounds and musical influences were the seed upon he developed a versatile open-minded perspective for music, and an impressive technique and dynamism behind the decks which makes his sets a journey full of unexpected turns.

All these stages lead him to mature the refined and sophisticated sound he delivers today as an ambassador of this endeavour called FOUN which now represents his full focus.

At FOUN, Halley’s passion for music meets his philosophical and concept-driven approach for communicating what we believe in, in the most truly singular way.
Creative and resolutive skills that make him the heart of the team and a unique Creative Director of the brand.

FOUN x Halley