• NameBolumar
  • LabelsROOTED / MO - OB

Born in the 80’s in Valencia, he caught early inspiration from mythical bands such as Depeche Mode, Electric Light Orchestra or Underworld. He started spinning some records at the age of 13 and soon after, he was already playing in the clubs of his city.

His productions are characterised by its particular essence and dynamism, with influences of House, Minimal and Funk shaping his trademark sound based on breakbeats, mechanical glitches, organic atmospheres and driving grooves.

He’s been signing productions on exclusive labels such as La Peña Records from the well-known producer Einzelkind, member of Cocoon–, TIJN’s label In Haus Wax, Memoria Music Group, Luna Records or Metroline Limited.



His own imprint called Rooted saw the light in 2014, with the aim of showing his most pure vision of electronic music through vinyl only releases, signing artists of the likes of BirdsMakingMachine, Rainer, Chad Andrew, Pat Ondebaak, Dakpa, Rickzor and many other emergent talents.

So it is fair to say, that with Bolumar’s growing resumé of deeply rooted minimal and dub- based house through techno, one can be further reassured of his future potential, which definitely asserts this cerebral Spaniard as an artist to keep close tabs on as the year progresses.

FOUN x Bolumar